With budget cuts and restructures impacting on culture and education institutions in Australia, the themes and panels explore how knowledge sharing and art practice might be maintained and organised differently.

Panel 1: Artist Run Initiatives – How get art into communities and communities into the arts?

This panel discusses contemporary examples of Artist Run Initiatives that engage with community economies, and introduces emerging modes of cultural production that operate at cross-sectoral junctures.
Panelists: Dr Maria Miranda, Siying Zhou & Dr Grace McQuilten

Panel 2: Internet and cultural platforms

Here Re-structure 2014 looks at the merits and disillusions in regards to the Internet. Although the Internet offers means for networking and self-organisation, two question remain: can we come up with alternative platforms to what current crowd-funding websites already offer, and under what framework can we achieve that?
Panelists: Trent Kusters, Rick Chen & Fee Plumley

Panel 3: Learning from cross-sectorial experiences

This panel compares the environmental and cultural sectors. Issues surrounding the environment and sustainability are – like arts and culture – far from the top of the list in terms of government funding priorities. The environmental sector in Australia, however, seems to have a longer tradition of “going independent” in terms of (a) funding and (b) the development of more independent organisations, for instance, as member-based businesses.
Panelists: Dr Joan Staples, Angharad Wynne-Jones & Vic McEwan

Panel 4: Culture & civil society

Lastly Re-structure 2014 ventures into related political waters pondering questions of cultural production as a part of civil society and the role of the state as a facilitator of these. Do we need to refresh our big picture view here, or do we just get better at picking up the pieces while society moves on?
Panelists: Jon Hawkes, Dr Grace McQuilten & Dr Katharine McKinnon

Panel 5: My.Creativity Sweatshop: A Reality Check on the Creative Industries

– a skype conversation with Dr. Geert Lovink, director of the Institute of Network of Cultures, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and conference co-organiser of My.Creativity Sweatshop: A Reality Check on the Creative Industries.

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