In order of their appearance:

Dr. Stephen Healy: founding member of the Community Economies Collective, co-author of Take Back the Economy: An Ethical for Transforming Our Communities (2013) with Jenny Cameron and J.K. Gibson-Graham & Senior Research Fellow in the Institute of Culture and Society at the University of Western Sydney.

Dr. Maria Miranda: artist (Out-of-Sync together with Norie Neumark), researcher (the ARI experience) & author of Unsitely Aesthetics (2013).

Siying Zhou: Born in China, Siying maintains an interdisciplinary practice addressing subjects such as religious practice and cultural traditions of the nomad, the identity of the individual and the relationship between the land and its dwellers.

Dr. Grace McQuilten: founder of the Social Studio in Melbourne, author of Art in Consumer Culture (2011) & at present Vice Chancellor’s Research Fellow in the School of Art, RMIT University.

Trent Kusters: artist, independent game designer & co-director of League of Geeks.

Rick Chen: co-founder of pozible.com – an Australia-based crowdfunding platform and community-building tool for creative projects and ideas.

Fee Plumely: artist (reallybigroadtrip.com), digital nomad & former employee of the Australia Council for the Arts, where she worked on the “Arts content for the digital era” program.

Dr. Joan Staples: academic, public commentator & vice-president of Environment Victoria. Her publications focus on the democratic role of non-government organisations (NGOs), their relationship with government, and what constitutes effective public advocacy for social change.

Angharad Wynne-Jones: creative producer at Arts House, a contemporary performance centre in Melbourne & director of TippingPoint Australia and The Climate Commissions – where she develops international and local projects with artists, scientists and communities energizing the cultural response to climate change. She is

Vic McEwan: artist, producer & co-founder of the Cad Factory – an artist-run-space located in the Riverina in Regional NSW which presents high quality and current contemporary arts practice.

Jon Hawkes: co-founder of Circus Oz, policy analyst & author of the seminal book Fourth Pillar of Sustainability – Culture’s essential role in public planning (2001).

Dr Katharine McKinnon: senior lecturer with the Community Planning and Development Program, La Trobe University & member of the Community Economies Collective. Her work engages with issues around international development, community economies, gender, and the politics and practices of social transformation.

Dr. Geert Lovink (via Skype): director of the Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences & co-organsier of My.Creativity Sweatshop: A Reality Check on the Creative Industries.

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